New Zealand born, with a glass half-full approach to life. I grew up by the coast, which grounds me to the beach and ultimately makes up an important piece of who I am. I have just spent the NZ winter in the European summer, travelling through Spain, Portugal, Italy and France where I was exposed to new cultures, people and laying eyes on incredible art and architecture. I am now based in Auckland, reconnecting with friends and my yoga practice, and cultivating what I have seen and experienced from the past four months. 

I draw my current creative inspiration from nature and through the incredibly creative people I am fortunate to I surround myself with. Natural tones and simple typography are my muse. However, pops of colour and quirky pieces that work in with minimalistic design speak align more with my personality. I specifically love the challenge of creating something new from a single idea or thought.


Bachelor of Computer Graphic Design - 2014

Graduate Diploma in Marketing - 2015

200hr Yoga Alliance Teacher Certification - 2017